Despite our best intentions, it's hard not to judge a book by its cover. Good cover design should not only make your book stand out, but should be an extension of the content, giving a visual face to the written work. At NIETO Books we work closely with you to create beautiful cover designs that enhance your work. But good design doesn’t stop at the cover. Clean and elegant typography can have a significant effect on the interior of your book, helping to organize the content for the reader, draw them in, and increase reader retention. From the most simple cover design, typesetting, and layout to the most intricate, NIETO Books will work with you to create a product that showcases your work with an eye toward beauty, legibility, and usability.


Though we are lovers of the printed book, we're not Luddites. E-book formatting converts a text document into a navigable Kindle-, Nook-, or iPad-ready file with images, video, chapter headings, a table of contents, and hyperlinks. E-books can be created for one or all of the above proprietary platforms, allowing readers to purchase your e-book in addition to or instead of buying the print edition. We are currently in the beginning stages of the e-book revolution, and the possibilities increase every day. Whether you need an e-book for the current landscape or have a mind to the future, we at NIETO Books can design an e-book that will bring your content to the screen in a beautiful and usable format.


Special editions are near and dear to our heart at NIETO Books. Special editions, or artist books, are created and printed in smaller editions than trade books (usually from one to 250 copies). The size of the edition allows us to use higher quality materials, as well as innovative binding techniques. Special editions require a higher level of collaboration and we will work closely with you to determine the form and function of your book. Special editions are perfect for chapbooks, annual reports, gifts, and gallery-worthy books. Whether your are a poet, prose-ist, artist, or information junky, NIETO Books will create a unique, beautiful, and innovative book to showcase your work.


Whether you've written a novel, collection of stories, chapbook of poetry, cookbook, manual, or brochure, copy editing ensures that your ideas come across clearly. In the copy editing process, errors in punctuation, spelling, and grammar are corrected, and the voice of the author is made consistent across the document. More substantive or developmental editing services are also available. Developmental editing is analysis-based, with the goal of creating an effective overall document. It may include rearranging parts of a book, cutting or noting weak sections and giving suggestions for revision, correcting instances of a passive voice, reviewing a writer's tone and diction, as well as general copy editing.







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