about nieto books

NIETO Books specializes in book design (both print and e-book), as well as publishing and editorial services. From a raw manuscript that needs to be edited to a polished manuscript that needs to be turned into a book, we can help at any point in the process.

Our design aesthetic is clean and uncluttered, but we work with every client to create a book design that expresses and enhances the specific content, with an eye toward legibility and usability. In addition, we can suggest cost-efficient production strategies and offer feedback on how best to reach your audience. While we specialize in journals and trade books, we also design custom small editions, one-of-a-kind artist books, promotional materials, and invitations. 

Clients include: Random House, Open City Books, Electric Literature, Black Balloon Publishing, The Princeton Review, Salt Hill Journal, Gigantic Books, Hummingbird Press, The Interdependence Project, and Lisa Weinert Consulting (LWC).


Nadxieli Nieto, Designer/Editor

Nadxieli Nieto is the Managing Editor of NOON, and the lead designer and editor at Nieto Books. NOON regularly publishes the work of such critically acclaimed authors as Christine Schutt, Lydia Davis, Gary Lutz, Clancy Martin, and Deb Olin Unferth. Formerly, she was the Editor-in-Chief of Salt Hill Journal, and has spent the last decade working as a writer, editor, and designer. Her writing has appeared in ClamorThe New York TyrantWest Wind ReviewDirty Durty Diary, and Washington Square Review, among others. Group exhibitions include "Just Spaces," Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibition, Los Angeles; "Patheographies," Gallery 400, Chicago; "Mapquest," PS122 Gallery, NY. 


Kayla Blatchley, Editor

Kayla Blatchley is the former Assistant Editor of NOON, and the former Fiction Editor at Salt Hill Journal where she worked with the authors Phil LaMarche, Eugene Marten, Robert Lopez, John Haskell, Steve Almond, Donald Breckenridge, David Ohle, Patrick Lawler, Susan Daitch, and Kim Chinquee. She also works as an online staff writer for Black Balloon Publishing.


Christopher Michel, Editor/Proofreader

Christopher Michel is  a former staff member of Salt Hill Journal, as well as the former editor of Miami University's Oxford Magazine. He's worked on material as diverse fine-art history books, freshmen composition coursebooks, and personal memoirs. In 2006, he received a Fulbright grant to translate poetry in the Republic of Georgia. He also writes occasional book reviews for the Brooklyn Rail and articles for Saveur.

Salt Hill is always one of the best looking and reading journals around.

Blake Butler, author of Scorch Atlas

Designwise, Nadxieli was the turning point for Syracuse University’s Salt Hill. She took it from bland university lit journal to jazzed up aesthetic eye-catcher. With a subtly hilarious cover, elegant but no-frills typesetting, and striking but minimal end pages, it was undoubtedly the best-looking issue to date. Not to mention that Nadxieli was an absolute joy to work with. Salt Hill 21 is undoubtedly one of the prettiest books on my shelf—and it’s among some tough competitors. I can say, unwaveringly, that any who don’t find Nadxieli’s work beautiful must either have terrible vision or plain poor taste.

John Holliday, Editor, Salt Hill 21