Though we are lovers of the printed book, we're not Luddites. E-book formatting converts a text document into a navigable Kindle-, Nook-, or iPad-ready file with images, video, chapter headings, a table of contents, and hyperlinks. E-books can be created for one or all of the above proprietary platforms, allowing readers to purchase your e-book in addition to or instead of buying the print edition. We are currently in the beginning stages of the e-book revolution, and the possibilities increase every day. While each reader has its own format and set of features, we have a feeling this will change in the near future. 

Whether you need an e-book for the current landscape or have a mind to the future, we at NIETO Books can design an e-book that will bring your content to the screen in a beautiful and usable format. Be part of the vanguard, increase your readership, and cut costs by creating an electronic edition of your work.

If you are the editor of a biannual, quarterly or periodical journal, consider creating an e-book in addition to your print edition. This will increase your readership and the longevity of your issue beyond your stores of the printed book. Our clients have had a great response when using digital editions, whether providing the whole issue as an e-book or selected sections for promotion and sales.

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